Sunday, October 22, 2006

This is it!

Hi all, This will probably be my last post to my blog until after we get home. We leave in just 4 days and I'm going to wrap up all my "computer stuff" and get this laptop packed up and ready to go! I can't believe the time is almost here. I've been walking around with butterflies in my stomach constantly! I have a terrible cold, hoping to get rid of it before we go! I am almost packed, not sure if everything will fit! Here's a pic of all the "stuff" not including any clothes! Don't worry, this is before I took things out of their boxes and consolidated and all that. (Note the dog on the left *G*.)

I'm going to be journaling from China on my password protected website. If you want the info, email me and ask. If I don't know you from Adam you'll have to give me some info about yourself first! I won't have time for any chit chat, just the facts ma'am. If you email me after Tuesday I doubt I will be able to get you the info.

And one last picture of Princess Lindsey (she was at a princess birthday party):

Zai jian for now!!!


Connie said...

All the best for a safe and wonderful trip! I'll be thinking of you.

Linsey is one stunning princess herself :0)

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching and waiting for news - God is SO GOOD!!!

I love the picture of Linsey too - she is a little princess!

Joannah said...

Safe travels, Eileen!

Stephanie said...

Have a wonderful trip to China. Keep us updated during your stay.

Dawn said...

Over and out good buddy. I'll be anxiously waiting to see Allison in your arms. If all goes well with Mya at the hospital I will see you at the airport on the 8th. Have a great trip. I'll be praying for you all :)

Jodie said...

Have a GREAT trip! I'll be following along on your other site!

Can't wait to see you united with Allison!! :)

Katri said...

Saw a prayer request for Lindsey on AWAA's site and wanted to tell you I've been praying for traveling grace for you. Would love to be put on your new blog list when you get a chance.